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so here is my plan and please input your views

i have added 15 new hives to my collection of hives and they are doing so so with the wet start to summer we have had here in washington

im wanting break the cycle of brood and requeen but i dont want to kill the queens on these hives as they are only 3 months into there laying life

so my plan is to remove the queen and place her with 2 drawn frames with bees into nucs

then let the parent hive go queenless during the flow and then in 2 weeks remove the queencells and re- enter the Original queen

im thinking that this will both break the brood cycle and make them store honey since there is no brood to feed

so my questions are many but is 2 weeks long enough or should i remove the cells that they make and let them go 3-4 weeks without the queen or will this cause laying workers within a month??
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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