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I'd like to Introduce myself.

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Hello, my name is Ernesto/Ernie Garcia, I have been a beekeeper for 43 years. I am a biologist by profession, and typically manage around 100 hives at any time. I now live and keep bees in the foothills above California's Central Valley but still keep yards in the mountains of Northern California. I believe everyone needs something to keep them humble, and for me it's bees. I've probably made just about every mistake a beekeeper can make over the years so will be happy to share from my misfortunes, while gleaning what I can from others. I look forward to meeting and participating with any of you over relevant beekeeping issues. Ernie
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Welcome to Beesource!
What a nice introduction. Good luck on the upcoming season, man.
welcome, Ernie
i hope you share many of your good fortunes as well of misfortunes and your knowledge . Enjoy
Welcome to Bee Source!
Thanks Graham, looking forward to the dialogues to come. ernie
Thanks Hedges, looking forward to another season and the dialogues to come. ernie
Thanks Mike, I appreciate your willingness to accept the bad with the good. That pretty much defines beekeeping, doesn't it?
Thanks Gary, here's to a prolific year for all of us and especially for the precious minions we tend.
Thank you "america'sbeekeeper" I'm looking forward to interacting with you all via these invaluable forums. Ernesto/Ernie Garcia (Hemphill Ecological Services and Hemphill Honey)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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