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I would like a mentor

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I live in Nashville (Old Hickory), TN and would love to have a mentor. Is there a forum on beesource where mentors and students could find each other? My local club meets at a time that I can't attend so finding a mentor there has been difficult.
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Are there Board members for your local club? A member of my club was in the same situation, so he contacted one of the Board members of the club and when we met as a board I agreed to contact him since I lived the closest. I'll be assisting him when he gets his packages in April.
great suggestion, I'll do that
on craigslist nashville,
ibrahm's bees is on there and he offers bee mentoring help for a whole season for a price$$.
He is near old hickory too I think.
I have ibrahms bees and he is a great teacher.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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