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I thought it was a real swarm

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This is my first months as a beekeeper so i'm learning each time another new exiting facts about my little wifes behavior.

My partner called me and said that he is seeing a little swarm
with a ball structure (size of a little grapefruit) in the previous place where the hive was located, 70 Meters (230 feet) from the new location (4 days ago).

I was scared that i'm loosing many bees with a young queen and called my
beek guide that immediately understand that this group is an old workers with no queen !!, that naturally go back to the original hive location if they were transfered to a relative short distance from the original.

I lived it this way and treat them as a lost bees, because i have no way to know from which hive they were escape and the working day + fuel i had to spend was not worth it.

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Yes, these bees are returning to where they think their home is. In a short time, they will begin flying in circles farther and farther away from where they clustered. They will join the closest queenright hive they find.

You will soon have the bees back in your hive again.
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