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I think I screwed up

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I had a single deep that had a virgin queen in it,Didn't pay any attention to it for 2 weeks until yesterday.
Queen is gone and i have a capped queen cell in it and it is jam packed full of eggs, larvae, capped brood, and honey, just
no queen.
There is no place for a queen to lay in the box,I added a second deep but I do not have any pulled frames.
Not sure what to do now. Any ideas?
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Move a frame or two of open larva up into the center of the top box you've added, and wait for the new virgin to emerge. Perhaps you just missed the queen, in which case she's still there (very probable since you saw eggs). They will be more agreeable to moving up into the new box with a frame or two of open larva up there as bait frames.
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