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I saw the Queen fly a way

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I was checking out a nuc I made up with a queen cell about 10 days ago. There was an unusually large group of bees around the entrance - a wine cork size hole. When suddenly the queen appeared in their midst. In a minute or so she crawled back in and I thought she must have just returned from mating, but then a couple of minutes later she came back out, took flight, oriented for a few seconds and slowly flew away. I didn't see any of the others follow her, so I guess that this was her mating flight. I wished her good luck, and when I checked back an hour later everything looked normal.

I started last year with a package from Georgia, and I've noticed that all of the (4 by way of splits) queens that I've produced so far have all been noticeably larger, and fatter than the original commercially produced queen that is their mother.