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I need to catch up quickly on my knowledge and skills....

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I jumped into bee keeping much faster than I should have and I need to get through the summer (youtube has been my guide along with another beekeeper in his second season) ... I'll be taking courses in the Fall.

My location: Ontario Canada
My setup: I got a hive in the June... 1 brood box... it was healthy and I added a second brood box soon afterwards. This week I added a medium honey super... bees have moved up and are building it out.... My hive is strong/healthy and my brood boxes are loaded with honey...

My objective is only ever to have 1 hive... I want to keep this a small project... is this doable?
Will the queen lay eggs indefinitely as space permits in my brood boxes forcing me to eventually to add a third brood box or possibly be forced to split the hive.? OR can Honey supers provide enough space ... ultimately I want to avoid a swarm... but also don't want to grow my hive ... I'm unclear of the management side of how this works.

When does the queen stop laying eggs if brood boxes are loaded with resources for Winter will the queen naturally stop laying eggs? If the workers have a life cycle of ~36 days... will enough die keeping my hive to a size that can live within my desired size setup? (over the winter I understand workers bees will survive much longer)

Appreciate the guidance... admittedly I should have used better judgement before hand.
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Skipped that part of the second paragraph.:doh:
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