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I need 2 Queens Now

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Got 2 splits that didn't take and want to requeen now before they grow their own. Which they have started the process with capped queen cells, knowing the timeline I still have a few days. I need 2 queens like this week, who should I call/talk too? Good calm queens, good producers...
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First, I would check locally with your bee club members, second, send emails to all queen producers on here and in bee mags and cross your fingers. If no luck, recombine splits back to mother hives until you can procure queens.
By the time you find them they may have their own... it will take them 12 days to raise a new one... another 14 days for her to start laying, but I've bought queens that took 14 days to start laying...
Kelley's earliest ship date is the 6th, a week from today. At least you have queen cells. You may want to let them raise their own.
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