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I had three swarms in one day. One at a neighbors,pretty straight forward. Shake them off the limb into the hive box.
While doing that on the wife calls to say I have two swarms at home.

I had some traps set(my first try at traps).

First swarm was in a tree two feet above the trap. I opened the lid and shook them into it and thought I sealed it up.

Then I run to the other end of the property for the second...they had already crawled into that trap an set up housekeeping.

So back up the hill to other one( five minutes). Empty trap!
The mother hive is less than fifteen feet away.

I looked every where for a clump of bees and no sign.
Did they go back to the mother hive to regroup?

When a hive is swarming and the queen is killed Do the survivors go back to the original colony?

Looking back I should have left them alone and they would have gone to the trap willingly.
Oh well,next time...

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I don't know about if the queen is killed if they would go back, but I once had one swarm (in two different balls) that I was collecting, and several minutes after I took the first, larger ball (with the queen), the second smaller ball dispersed back to the original hive across the fence line before I could collect them. I imagine a swarm with a killed queen would do something similar. Keep your eyes out, they may reappear.
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