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I may give them a few more days.

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The wind is incredible here today and I have really been dying to check the jar feeders as Thursday was the last time checked after a week and the mayo jar feeders were about empty. Checked again today and due to the wind I only peeked under the cover and they have barely touched the sugar water. Is it safe to say Ohio is in full bloom? What's the definition of full bloom?

For a while I watched them enter and exit both hives; although I am seems half have pollen (still seeing red, orange, yellow) and the others have nothing? Perhaps they have water? They don't seem disturbed (i have wondered if they go from hive to hive). I really didn't want to fully open the hive to check for status since it's so windy (smoker finally filled and working appropriately) and I plan to look Wednesday it may be windy but it will definitely be warmer.

Maybe they have propolis-

Still working on a plan for filming......anchoring a video camera (duct tape) covered with a baggie somehow, dealing with wind all the time....once it works I may invest in a gopro.

Everyone should have a hive!:gh: