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I love my new marking pen

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Last year I bought an assorted pack of Elmer's Painters neon paint pens and have really been enjoying this years green. I prefer the paint to the ones I have bought at beesupply houses. It seems to last well but you have to give the pens a good shake. And the price is right at 5 for $9 The queens practically glow in the hives. The photo below is a virgin that I marked yesterday. I hope the paint does not help her become bird food though....

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Looks like this one is still a virgin. Do you mark your virgin before they go on a
mating flight? I rather wait until they return on their last flight to paint them.

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I rarely mark Virgins but I happened to spot this one in a big booming hive and I thought it might be nice for finding her again.
Oh and I forgot to mention that the pens came from Wally-World so they are easy to get if in a bind.
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