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I have BROOD!

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probably seems insignificant to most, but it's one of those milestones to me!

I got these bees from cutouts, and I didn't see any brood or eggs for weeks!

I even saw a small, grey, fuzzy baby! woohooo I'm a beehaver!

now If I can just get a grip on these darn hive beetles!:eek:

I'll ask here too....(see disease and pests) ..just how many is too many when it comes to SHBs
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Congrats on the brood. As for the SHB, Dr. Hood of Clemson University and creator of the Hood Beetle Trap was a speaker at the spring Virginia State Beekeepers' Association meeting. He suggested that 30 beetles was a threshold point for considering control measures. Here in my part of Virginia I've yet to see that many beetles at one time and if you can't hear it, I'm knocking on wood!

Good luck!

Bena, VA
thanks pete...well considering the amount I saw, I guess there were probably alot I didn't see, so I'm going to say is time to intervene somehow. I may try to make some oil traps..the bees seemed to doa great job of hearding them into corners..I bet If I had a trap in all 4 corners, I'd catch a lotta little cowgirls could 'round them up'
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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