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Hello All and Thanks for all of the advice. I got the bees out of my brothers house today, but I am afraid they will not stay. We cut out all of the comb and had to do a rush job, so we will see how it goes. We put plenty of brood into the brood box, but I was not able to wire it into any frames. We did identify the queen and captured her. The vast majority of the bees went directly into the brood box with a little help. I have a few questions now....

1. Should I try to rehive and when?

2. I think I need to pull some of the brood out because we filled it nearly up and put two small supers on top?

3. I did not get a chance to put in any frames yet, but I think I should do this tomorrow?

My Plan: Remove enough brood to put four to five frames in the brood box. Take what is left of the brood and put it with another colony I am starting Saturday. Put another brood box on top of the botttom brood box and put a few frames with starter comb. Put plenty of sugar water on top?

What do you folks think? Thanks ahead for any advice. Hopefully I will be able to apply it this time.......
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