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i got a new bee yard.... how soon do can i move the hives there

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Here in Western Washington - we are in the 50's and was just wondering how soon can i safely move the hives to there new locaton ??

should i do it asap or wait until maybe march ???

thanks in advance for any input
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Hay Concrete,
You can move your Bees any time, make sure there not flying, early morning or evening.
You can move them during the day if bees aren’t flying.

Thanks Jim

ill take them to work with me in the morning !!!!! i work on a farm - haha

they have lots of land that has lots of pollen plants
I live in western Oregon and moved 2 hives today about 12 miles...first time for me, everything went fine....motorcycle tie down straps work great for securing the hive ....
I used to move hives in my Dad's Plymouth Belvedere station wagon. We never got stung. I love to freak out other drivers with hundreds of bees crawling up the windows. I brought several hives in the cab of my truck last Fall. The new beekeeper riding with me was a bit uneasy for the first half hour. It doesn't take long to figure out they just head for the light like Barry Bee flying into the kitchen window over and over and over . . .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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