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I can't believe it worked!

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I started my first batch of mead last August-a medium-sweet orange blossom honey mead. I'm a total novice, although my dad has made wine in the past and helped out.
I sampled some about a month ago, and it seemed kind of "rough" and very alcoholic. I tried some last weekend, and it is like a different mead-smooth, slightly sweet, and you can taste the honey in it. Very nice!

I'm just amazed at the difference a month made. I'm hooked, and am planning on trying my hand at making some more soon!

The recipe came from "The Compleate Meadmaker" by Ken Schramm if anyone is interested.

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Congratulations Jennifer! Be sure to try to set some aside for extended aging (like up to another year), but it's hard. You're now at risk for a LOT more party invitations than you're used to ;).

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cooler fermentation temperatures usually help keep the fusel alcohols restrained, but that temperature depends on the yeast, it is also hard to hide 12%+ abv.

sounds like yo have a good instructional book.
just follow ken's practices and you will be ok.
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