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I built my TBH too narrow-will it matter?

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Well, my daughters and I had a lot of fun building 2 TBH's today,,I went with the Michel Bush plans,,,BUT, I put the end pieces on the wrong way so now the hives are 12" wide on the top instead of 14" or there abouts,,I made the wedge strips for the bars to fit what I had built and they wound up being 9 1/2" long instead of 13",,,the girls got the hives all painted and I hate to take them apart now (lots of nails and art),,,the bees are comming tuesday,,think we will be allright or should I rebuild,,,,this is our first time with bees,,,all new to me,,,any thoughts would be appricated,,,Thanks, Parker
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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