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Anyone have a system for tying down their hives during severe tropical storms and hurricanes? I live in an area ( north east coast) where we do get hit by them. I was thinking of placing 4 posts on each side to keep the hives from tipping over and then using the strap to keep the lid on. Also, would it be necessary to use the entrance reducer?

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I use these that I bought at Lowes to screw in the ground and then ratchet strap the hives down. Good luck. I hope you and your bees are safe!
Orange Chain
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I use those ground screws from lowes. If your soil is hard, I recommend the shorter screws. In Florida I, suspect the soil is sandy. You'll want to use the longer ones.
Over the years I've been through some really bad blows on the west coast of Florida. The ground screws and ratchet straps are helpful. So is a low profile. Get those extra honey supers off. Frankly, nothing saves you when you are in the direct path, but off to the side it is possible to weather the storm quite nicely. The last direct hit I took, however, all that was left of my hives were the concrete blocks they had been sitting on. In that one even the ground screws were gone, so you do have to be prepared for the real possibility of a total loss.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Thank you for all the ideas.
you could close off hives off the night before it hits and move into garage depending on # of hives you have.
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