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I had a really nice strong nuc that starved out a few weeks ago. It was a 5/5 with the top box totally full of capped honey/syrup in October. Found out they starved when I checked on them on a sunny warm day. BIG cluster of bees, wonder if they kept brood tearing or what, but they were out of food and most were dead, still a few stragglers limping around.

Anyway, I help teach a beginning beekeeping class over the winter, so not looking to miss a good opportunity, I shook the dead bees into a container and put it in the freezer to keep it fresh for the class. We always harp on mite sampling, so I figured I could have everyone do sugar shakes and alcohol washes on actual bees( although dead)

So the mite counts:
Sugar shake #1: 1
Sugar shake #2: 3
Sugar shake #3: 0

Alcohol wash #1: 0
Alcohol wash #2: 1
Alcohol wash #3: 0
Alcohol wash #4: 0

Found a few mites in the bottom of the container the bees were in as well. The container had 2 quarts of bees. We scooped and sampled a half cup at a time.

This hive had been given thymol in August and oav right after thanksgiving.

The humor of it came from telling everyone that alcohol wash is more effective, then doing a sugar shake that yielded 3, followed by an alcohol wash that yielded zero.
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