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Hubam Clover ship price

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Hi, All! I read on hubam clover here so thinking to order some for my bees this season. I only
want a small amount to see if the bees will forage on them or not here. At $4 a pound, I emailed the seller for the shipping cost.
Here is his response Shipping Rates
10lbs - $15
20lbs - $20
30lbs - $27
40lbs - $32
50lbs - $38

I think I would order the 10 lbs at $15 shipping. Is this a good buy? If not can anybody direct me to a better source?
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The bees will forage hubam for sure. The question is will it grow well in your soil and climate and do you have enough to make any difference. I've never bought less than 50 lbs of clover seed at a time and usually not less than 250 lbs of clover seed at a time... In the last two weeks I bought 800 lbs of clover seed, some hubam, some white sweet, some yellow sweet, some white dutch, some alfalfa, some birdsfoot trefoil, some hairy vetch... it's hard to plant enough to make much difference...
Yes it does depends on the climate and soil we have locally.
I think it is how many hives per acre you have. Let's say for 3 hives with
10 acres all planted then there will be a big difference. Of course when there
is a drought then nothing will be produced. I still think this year will be a good one.
What is the good source to buy the Hubam at 50 lbs?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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