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Hello all!
This is my first year with bees. Got our first hive last summer, but had a gentleman maintaining them for us, as I just didn't have the time to spend with it.
This year we are going it alone. Making time to meet with other beeks in the area, and spending time online researching.
I am just fascinated with these little ladies.
I am going to start off by not using a smoker, but that may change as time goes by. So far I have been able to work in the hive without one, by being extremely slow and easy with all of my movements. But I'm sure I'll get too comfortable one day and manage to upset the little gals. No doubt they will let me know...;).
Anyway, looking forward to spending time on here reading, and posting, as often as I can.
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Howdee back!!!
Good luck with that smoker non-use. You may want to make sure its lit before you start just to have handy in case its needed.
I too tried going like that and in the beginning they were pretty docile. Now that they have honey in the hive they are a lot more aggressive in defending
the hive when I go in and inspect. I started off with no gloves too and thats was pretty good for awhile but I've had to don the gloves the last couple times.
They kept stinging and while i can take a couple "ouches" at a time, when they're batting my hands and they come boiling up outa the box when I pull a frame......I'm drawing the line there and puttin on the gloves. I crush a few more but at least my hands are good! If you have just the one hive, you may wanna look into aquiring more. something about a 2.5 rule needed these days to have back-up resources. (2hives and a nuc min). Welcome to Beesource! Lots of good info and people here.
I appreciate the info!
We are in the process of acquiring another hive, and I'll probably spend a portion of the winter months building new supers and related wood work. Hope to have at least four hives next spring.
I will probably pick up a smoker in the next few weeks. I know there will come a time when I wished I had it, so I might as well avoid the frustration.
I am trying to stay in the habit of wearing at least a veil, jacket, and gloves. While I don't mind a little pain, I am not interested in flirting with it with these little gals. I have pushed my lovely wife's buttons wrong in the past, and been bitten ;-), so doing the same to several thousand young ladies at once could be detrimental to one's health...
Hello and welcome :)
Welcome to BeeSource! Once you get into a dearth you'll probably want to use the smoker as the bees get a little upset when there isn't a flow going. Have the smoker lit and nearby every time just in case. Good luck!
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