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Hello Beesourcers! I feel like calling you Bee Sorcerers because this knowledge is truly incredible and seems so remote from everyday work life for most people. I'm grateful for this forum and all those of you sharing so generously.
We moved to Chicago 4 years ago from beautiful upstate New York, where being outdoors, growing gardens, and learning everything about native plants were passions. We miss it but the city has surprised us with garden opportunities and bee-friendly ordinances. One can have up to 5 hives in the city! Mine is situated at our community garden about 15 blocks away in a small fenced apiary meant to house one other hive. We just combined the two.

I look forward to my 4-year-old son growing up curious, informed, and not afraid of bees. And also maybe harvesting some honey :) We hope to get one hive strong enough to weather a Chicago winter first.
Happy to be here,
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