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Howdy from Central Oklahoma

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I just purchased a small acreage in central Oklahoma, and am trying to get things in order so that I can begin bee keeping next Spring. I have Chickasaw Plums, Sumac, Persimmons and lots of blackberries and wildflowers here already. I am in the process of sprouting a bunch of apricots, and beginning (very beginning) a hedgerow of trifoliate orange on my property lines. I intend to plant some Vitex, Tetradium and Tillia as I replace useless/non-native (pine) trees for productive trees. I'm also considering some pomegranite hedges. Does anybody have any familiarity with either pomegranites or trifoliate orages as hedges/bee nectar sources? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Ha!!! True. Thanks!

I was speaking to a bee supplier yesterday, and he told me that a local bee keeper had his honey analyzed recently, and the third most common component of his honey was poison ivy. I'm good to go!
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