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If you skip to about 43:18 in this video, Michael Bush details how to spot the difference between Queen cells you can find in your hive. Is this commonly accepted wisdom in beekeeping that swarm cells are the only type of queen cells that will be present at various stages of development? Swarm cells are all different ages, and emergency or supersedure cells are all the same age...Is this right?

I'm asking because I thought I had caused my Saskatraz package to ball & reject their newly released queen only 9 days after she was set free in there with my micromanaging in that hive. However, the day I discovered their queenlessness, there were 2 capped queen cells, and a few that were drawn but not capped, and a few partially drawn and uncapped. So if this is the commonly accepted wisdom (please tell me - I'm new), then I guess my package just swarmed a day or 2 before I discovered those capped queen cells.

Not that it really matters, it's just that I'd really like a deeper understanding of what I'm seeing in my hives (and also ok, I guess maybe I could feel a little less guilty LOL).
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