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How to seal up a bee tree

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I live in Charleston, SC. We are home to thousands of very old and hollow oak trees that are perfect residence for honeybees. For people with bee issues in non-removable trees, I have had great success with trap outs and have successfully started 4 new hives from those jobs this summer. As per the agreement with the customer, I set the trap and remove the bees. I always tell them to search the internet and find the best way to seal up their tree to keep pests and other infestations in the future. What are your suggestions. I have never actually sealed up a bee tree and would like to get your input so I can pass it along to my customers. Thanks in advance.
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For large openings, I jam rags in and seal with mortar. For smaller holes, plug 'em with steel wool and cover with silicone caulk. 1/8" hardware cloth secured with deck screws will also work.
Window screen and tar for the bigger ones. Silicone for smaller ones.
If bees are still trapped inside, I've had 'em chew through silicone when used by itself. Same goes for expandable foam.
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