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O.K., I'll admit it.
I'm a little technophobic.

So,how do you put pictures on this sight?

I'm thinking you need to have a webb site,or some kind of host(?),to link to,from here.

I have noticed some people on hear have pictures that come up pretty quick, without alot of advertisements,and others seem to take forever,and have some kind of advertisement.

Could someone explain how it all work's?
Do the ad free sites charge $ ?
What's a good one?


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As far as I know, you can not post pictures to Beesource.
You need to post them somewhere else and link to them.
I don't know much able sites that host pictures.
I post pictures on my own website that has a hosting fee that I have to pay. It is a nominal charge monthly and then renewal fees for the domain name etc.
If you are looking to post the photos of the hives that were stolen, I would load them onto my site and place notes about them, where they were stolen from and who to contact about information.
Email: [email protected]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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