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How to keep 4 queens for 3 days in 100 heat

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Hi all,

I'm sure this is answered all ready, but I have the worst luck in searching, so I'll ask and hope you'll bare with me.

I got 4 queens today and the heat has gone up to 95 today and 100 tomorrow. It isn't suppose to go back down until Saturday or Sunday (mid to high 80s). My house is around 80 now and will be warmer tomorrow. Should I put the queens in the basement where it is around 60 dark or keep them in the house proper?

I'm putting drops of water on screen of the 3 hole queen boxes every few hours, is that a good idea or not?

I'm going to do the splits on Saturday and install on Sunday morning, early.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Is there attendants in the cages with the queens?
Put them in a cool dark place, like the basement or cellar if you can. If you can keep the temps down around 80 they will be fine. One droap of water a day is the norm for queens. In the heat you could space them out and two a couple a day I suppose. Too much and they get all sticky from wet candy...
Put them on the headboard of your bed out of the sun, if it is cool enuff for you to sleep they should be fine.
Thanks for all of the replies.

Yes, there are attendants in the cages, so no worries there. It didn't get as hot in the house today as I thought it would, so I kept them in a darkened hallway, I had to move them as the sugar ants found them in the kitchen, Zeus! I hate ants. Came home from work twice to check on them, they are doing fine.

I read the thread on taking attendants out. Still not sure if I'm going to do that or not.

The attendants are there to help feed the queen. Leave them. I would keep the queen between 75 and 85, less than that and she may get too chilled. I agree on the water too.

Thanks for the heads up on removing the attendants. I guess I wasn't clear when I talked about removing the them. I meant removing them when I introduce the queen cage to the nuc.

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