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I currently have three deeps on one of my hives and I would like to take it back down to 2 deeps and medium supers but am not sure how best to do it without disturbing the pattern too much and/or prompting a swarm. I ended up with three after checker-boarding in prep for a split that wasn't successful earlier this month. (Queen was balled and I ended up recombining because I couldn't get a new queen in time). But I am only 5 feet tall and three deeps is really tough for me to manage solo.

I was in the hive today and I have brood in 2-4 frames across all three boxes. I have partially capped frames of honey in the top two and several frames with pollen in the bottom and middle. As a whole, the hive is strong and is doing well, making new comb throughout and showing no evidence of swarming. That said, I am not seeing a ton of honey being made just yet as in no surplus that I would consider taking.

What is the best way to get back down to a two deep hive so I can start putting medium supers on? Should I hold off for now and try again for another split in June when I can get a new queen? Should I go ahead and bite the bullet now, setting up the two boxes in an ideal order and freezing the excess frames for another time when I might need them for a new package or supplements in prep for winter in the event we have a dry fall?

Your thoughts are appreciated!
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