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How to get rid of SHB larvae?

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I have for now controlled my SHB population with a tray of oil under the SBB of my hive. But every time I check on it I am finding emerging larvae. How do I get rid of them. I have been scraping away the comb where they are concentrated taking as many of them off as possible, but that obviously causes quite a bit of damage and is not very efficient. Will check-mite II kill larvae? How close does it need to be to them? As long as I control the adults will the larvae problem subside as they emerge and finally fall into the oil tray, which by the way has worked wonders. I hardly see any adults at all. Or will the larvae cause too much damage while I wait?
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freeze the frame for 48hours&let warm a little before replacing
what about the brood in that frame? My package is struggling as is, 6 weeks in and they have only filled about half of a medium super. I would hate to hinder them even more.
Does freezing kill the eggs? Thanks
yes, 24 hrs will kill eggs. to the O.P.-if they only fill half a medium, make,buy, or borrow a nuc body ASAP to reduce the area they protect or this package is doomed. good luck,mike
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