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I travel all over the country for work, spending a day here, and a couple days there, and then moving on to another area. I try to find local honey wherever I travel just to meet some of the beekeepers and try new varieties of honey. I just got back to MI from a quick trip down to Nashville, TN and was suprised at how hard it was to find local honey in Tennessee. I thought that the new "local honey" feature of beesource would guide me right to it, but many of the listings had no phone numbers. I like to call ahead and make sure I'm not going to be bothering anybody, and also to make sure they have honey. e-mail is great, I suppose, but when schedules change all the time and last minute trips are the norm, waiting for an e-mail response isn't always effective.

I was fortunate enough to contact and meet Chuck Davis, near Loiusville, KY on my way back North, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to appeal to all those who do have honey for sale. If you sell honey, go ahead and add your information to the "local honey" listing that can be easily accessed via the top link bar of this page. I'm sure I'm not the only person who travels and like to try new honies.


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