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How to arrange used frames before installing new package

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Hello! I have two new packages of bees coming, and healthy frames that I used formerly. Some have a bit of pollen, some uncapped honey, and some will have brand new foundation. How should I arrange the frames so the bees can make use of these resources?

To be specific, I have 12 deep frames with some pollen, and 12 deep frames with new foundation. Should I put the pollen on the outsides and put the new foundation next to the queen cage (so she has room to lay?) That is my inclination.
Above that, I have the medium frames- 15 are mostly empty and drawn out. 11 have some uncapped honey and some capped honey. 2 have some pollen. 2 are full with capped honey. Would the bees be able to use the uncapped/partially capped honey if I put it above the queen, or should I wait to add these frames later and use a feeder for now? Do they even eat uncapped honey?

Btw, (I stored these in well conditioned space and they have been frozen to protect from wax moths.)

Would love to hear your strategy!