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I am a new beekeeper this year and installed a package on April 2 in 8 frame deep with no drawn comb. So far things seem to be going very well. They have been going thru the sugar water and drawing nice comb. There are probably 8 completed combs and a couple of incomplete combs. Two complete combs were moved up when I added the second deep and were replaced with empty frames which they are drawing. 3 frames were wax foundation to encourage straight drawing and the rest are foundation less.
The Quran has been laying as fast as they can draw comb. On my inspection tonight I saw several frames that had been about 90% brood. Most of that brood has hatched and the brood cells are empty except for some capped brood. I found the queen on a frame that is only about 30% drawn out. It was one of the frames that got shuffled when I added the second deep box.
So my question is, when the brood hatches how soon does the queen go back and lay a new egg in those cells? There are complete frames full of empty cells and it appeared that she was scrounging up space on a frame that barely had enough cells ready for her.
Everything I have found about queen laying is the time to start after being released, how long to hatch, etc. I cannot find any reference to when she will return or if she goes all they to the end of the brood nest pattern first then starts back at the beginning or the center or what.
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