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How picky with straight comb during a cut out?

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I'm cutting some comb from a dead out Warre (that I've not been pleased with) to help seed a hive for a new package in the coming weeks. I'm going to rubberband the comb into some foundationless frames. How picky should I be with selecting comb to put in there in regards to straightness? Some of the combs are a bit wavy but I'm assuming as long as things are reasonably flat once in place I should be okay. Thoughts?
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Reasonably flat will work fine. You can trim the comb with a serrated knife to keep it in line. If it is warm enough you can gently bend the comb straighter, if it is not too crooked. The biggest thing is to make sure that the comb is put in with the top in the same position as originally since the cells are angled slightly upwards. The smaller worker comb should be in the center of the nest with the larger drone comb to the outside. The bees will connect everything together in no time.
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