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We had a hive on the back porch, the back door would swing and hit it. Never seemed to bother them. We have gone back into a hive after 5-10 minutes to retrieve brrod, and never notices that the bees were not as they were the first time we opened it.

It is possible that different people have different skills, some may cause troubles for a beehive.

Maybe "Don't look too often" is an excuse for lazy beekeepers?

Crazy Roland
Personally, it seems to me that no matter how many times i'm in the hives, they continue to do what is normal for them to do. I've opened up hives multiple times in a day and week with no diff in production compared to the others around it.

Some pple say that the smoke keeps them from finding forage, etc for days, but apparently my bees didn't get the memo. They continue to work right along as i'm working in the hives. But again as Vance G states, just popping the top really don't disrupt them much at all. I do that to mine on a regular basis without smoke, just to check on the upper chamber's stores.

Everyone goes through a phase when they want to check everything in the hives. Once you have more time in the hives, you will mellow and not worry so much. Or if you really desire to be in them, get some more hives. It'll keep you hopping. lol.. Mine do me.. And i'm looking to expand another 10 hives in 5 more weeks.. lol
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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