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How much suger syrup ?

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I will be getting 2 packages next week... I already bought 40 pounds of cain sugar in 10 pound bags.
When I start making my Sugar Syrup how much sugar will ,I go through on average per week with two new Packages?
Should I buy more sugar?
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When I got mine , and the weather was nice they would go through a quart a day per package . How long you will have to feed is going to depend on your specific conditions . Once the flow starts they will ( mine did anyways ) all but ignore the syrup .
I essentially captured a 4 lb package in a cut out (no comb salvaged).

Put them in foundationless frames with 2:1 syrup and they went to town. Went through 3/4 gallon (just under 4 lbs) in about a week. Pulled off feeder, then put it back on just Monday night, they have gone through about a 1/4 gallon (about a pound) so far.

My buddy and I captured about a 1.5 lb swarm and he hived them in a box with some foundation some foundationless. He said they are putting down about a quart a day as well. I don't know his recipe off hand.

Might go easy, certainly don't go nuts mixing it all up right away. Once the flow starts you probably won't need it.
I buy my sugar in 50# bags for $19.80 a's cheaper. I am mixing up and giving my hives 1:1 right now, but as they are just coming out of overwintering, they are still building up. So putting on 2 gallons would just be wasting it. Our temp's are just now getting to be mid-50's daytime and they are taking it better than just a couple of weeks ago when it would drop into the 40's at night. They are taking about a quart every three days now here, but in your area they could be ready to rock and roll.

Part of the decision you'll make is how often you want/are able to look after them and what kind of feeder set-up you are using. The smaller the jar, the more often you have to replenish. I have several options from quart jar feeders, 1 gallon paint cans and 3 gallon top feeders...if you make up too much and they aren't in the mood, it will get moldy so for me right now, I am making and giving them smaller quantities, when there is a lot more bee's to feed, I'll probably increase the size of my feeders, so I don't have to monkey with them too much...I also have protein patty's on them too...
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I put two packages of bees in last week and put out feeders with syrup in the yard. The first couple of days the bees made a run on the feeders and after that they just ignored them. I guess they found lots of other stuff around that they like better.
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