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A little coaching, please.....
I have two hives.
1) one deep + shallow super for brood + 2 suppers for me on top a queen excluder; 2nd top supper has drawn out comb from last yrs hive that died. No honey being put into the 2nd top super at present. The one super under seems to have about 5 frames capped and a couple frames w/ uncapped honey---- should I take the top super off and harvest the 4-5 frames of capped honey and replace those slots with frames of drawn out comb? Should I take the excluder off at this point?
2) same- one deep + shallow super for brood (currently VERY heavy w/ honey); have one super w/ drawn comb on top of queen excluder; very small amt of uncapped honey. Today-- I took the excluder away thinking --what have I got to lose?

The bees are still hitting the flowers around the house as well as the clover in the lawn.

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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