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how many times can a hive swarm?

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how many times can a hive swarm? the reason i'm asking is i'v had three small swarms in my yard in the last three days!i cought each and placed them in nuc's and they seem to be doing ok.i'v checked each of my other hives and they seem to have pleanty of bees and dont seem to have any less.i'm confused :scratch:
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No other beeks or ferals near you?
one guy about a mile away has one hive but thats all i know of
possibly virgin swarms??
I've had a hive throw two strong swarms once, but I'm not sure just how many afterswarms a hive could throw. You have several hives? Is it possible your swarms came from more than one hive?
i guess it could have, but i check my hives at least one a week
and i havn't noticed any loss of bees at any time.

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Mick, can i bring my swarm trap down there? I need MORE BEES...LOL
I've already had 3 swarms from one of our strongest Warre hives. I'm not complaining!

so i guess you answered my question,a hive can swarm several times.

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