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How long will 1:1 feeding solution last before going bad

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I just installed two packages a week ago and am using a top feeder with 1:1 feeding solution. My question is, being in Texas where we are close to hitting 90 each day now, how long will the solution go bad with these temperatures? I had a bee keeper tell me it should be replaced every week and not to just add more to the remaining solution.
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With new equipment you might get a week. I have seen it ferment in 24 hours in used equipment. I do not feed 1:1 because it ferments so fast. I only feed 2:1. All of the commercial beekeepers I have talked to just feed 2:1 or stronger solutions to prevent the spoilage.
Thanks. Did not realize 2:1 would not spoil.
the shelf life of 1:1 varies a lot. if you add honeybee-healthy or something similar it lasts longer.. 1.5:1 with honeybee-healthy syrup will keep real well.
I did add honey bee healthy to the mixture.
It really depends on how hot it is ..but I would shoot for a week before replacing it.
I add one to two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) to a gallon of 1:1 sugar water. No spoilage and they love it (for some reason). The acid in the vinegar keeps it from spoiling and I live in Alabama where summers are so hot Tarzan couldn't handle it.
If it's not gone in a few days, they probably aren't taking it anyway. Mine can drain a gallon in a few hours when they want it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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