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How long to feed bees with sugar water after package install?

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I plan on going 1 deep for my brood chamber and the rest deep supers. I planned on just feeding my bee's until wax is fully drawn in the brood chamber. Should I continue to feed when it's time for a super so they quickly draw out the wax in the super as well?
I've researched that 1:1 ratio is good for wax development as it resembles nectar while 2:1 is better for wintering / feeding as it resembles honey and that they would store it.

This question I guess is mainly for those who do feed there bee's as I also know some beekeepers prefer not to which I respect. I just want to get the ball rolling once spring starts up.
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Feeding the broodchambers full is indeed an excellent idea. I understand you only want one brood box, but consider shaking the bees off a drawn frame of brood and moving it above the queen excluder. This will keep the bees drawing frames replaced in the brood chamber and will get the bees working thru and above the brood chamber.

Once you have a super on it is wrong to feed and contaminate the honey crop with fed sugars.
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