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how long is too long for package transit?

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The package i should recieve tomorrow will have been in their package for almost 10 this within reason?
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This is way too long. My package took 5 days to get to me and I had a significant number of dead bees and the sugar syrup was already depleted.
A package under horrible conditions can die in hours. A package under ideal conditions can last a few weeks if they don't run out of food, but in the meantime the bees are getting older and they will start building comb in the package that will get wasted...

I would be afraid of them running out of food in 10 days...
Well my fingers are crossed....planes, trains and automobiles to get here to alaska.
Looked awesome.....very few dead.......eating ....
Have you hived them already?
Glad to hear it. Make sure they have food, the can is probably empty by now. Put some syrup on the screen...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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