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How long for a queen to start laying

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I started a new nuc about a 3 months ago I bought a mated queen and she was introduced successfully she layed for about 3 weeks and then something happened and she died the nuc made emergency queen cells and raised a new queen I saw her shortly after emerging she was rather small I checked again 2 weeks later and found her again she is much much larger now so I assume she mated successfully but after almost a month now still no eggs should I pinch her and add a frame of eggs or give her alittle longer?
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10-15 days after emerging she should be laying. It depends on weather, etc.
The weather has been good it was real hot a week ago but other than thst perfect I have heard of some queens taking longer to start laying but when should you say enough and replace her that is my question?
If she's in there, then be patient. If she mates well then she'll lay when she's ready, If she does not mate well, she'll lay drones. Waiting will give you an answer.
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