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How long does it take bees to clean out cells of scraped brood?

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I have some frames I want to extract, but on one frame some of the cells in the bottom row had capped drone brood in them. I scraped the drone cells, which left a mushy mess in that bottom row. I opened up the brood nest in the box below….How long will it take for the bees to clean up the scraped up brood cells so I can pull the frames and extract?
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It depends, I've seen cases where within a day they clean them and I've seen cases where it was 3-4 days and then I've heard of cases where it took longer, it depends on the girls, some are more hygienic than others.
They get on them pretty quick usually a few days, next time leave them capped, uncap the honey, extract, and place back in hive. Done deal. Then it does not matter how long it takes them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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