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I always assumed that after a honey bee stings a person it dies within a few minutes as the venom sack, some nerves, and things are puled out. A while ago I was told (by a source that is not always reliable) that they continue to live out their life and forage as normal, just without a stinger. Is this true?

Last time I got stung I caught the bee and put her in a jar with a tiny bit of honey/burr comb from the hive. That bee survived until the following evening and died after being smothered in the honey that was in the jar. I don't know how long she would live had she not been covered in honey. That was far longer than I had expected.

I am curious to hear from people who keep highly defensive africanised bees and they mass sting a mammal, does the hive have a noticeably lower population afterwards?
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