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How Long Can They Stay In a Nuc? - and Moving

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I'm picking up two nucs this weekend (my first). The weather has been cold and rainy. If it continues, should I risk moving them to a hive in cold weather? (a top bar which will require the chop and crop - pretty disruptive).

How long can I leave them in the nuc?

And another question. I'm placing one hive at an urban location, so I wanted to do the chopping and cropping outside of town before I set them in their final location. Is there any problem with moving them twice in a short span of time, or should I move them to the new hive and wait a bit before I move them again?


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They can stay in the nuc until they outgrow it. You can always add a super or another nuc deep to the top of the nuc. But if you are only needing a few extra days, there should be no problem just like they are.

If you are chopping and cropping, I think it would be best to leave them alone in the TBH for a few days until they can adjust to the new housing. Once they have started housecleaning and brood rearing is re-established, and the bees have oriented and are making regular flights, then you can move them at night to the new location. You just want to be sure that the bees are safely ensconced and that you have them all in there when you move the hive.
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