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How long can a Queen stay in the shipping cage?

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I had someone give me a Queen. For various reasons (travel and weather) I could not get her in a hive until she had been in the cage for 8 days. 4 of the 5 attendants were dead. I fed them 2 or 3 drops of water each day, they had a candy plug made of HFCS and icing sugar.

The Queen and her remaining attendant are installed now and doing well.

- Is this normal?
- Is HFCS + Icing Sugar a good food source for caged bees?
- Did I give them too much/little water?
- Should the attendants last longer?
- How long should you be able to keep a Queen caged?

(And thanks to the person who gave me the Queen - you're in here somewhere, and she made it!)

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I had a queen that I found that got left in a nuc with a small patch of bees for over a week. It wasn't until I wanted to put the nuc to use that I found her. I wasn't sure what was going on or why she was there at first. Once I opened the hive she was apart of and saw the queen cells in there, I figured she must have been on the hive wall when I transferred them to a 10 frame hive. See what happens when you're in a hurry? Figured a week was too long for her to be seperated from her colony, plus with the QCs already capped, no sense in putting her back with her old colony, so I made a cage to house her and a few of her attendants in, placed her inside the cage, sealed the screen up, grabbed 3 frames of bees and brood out of another hive, plus 1 new frame, then placed them all inside the nuc. A week later I opned the nuc and saw that the 3 attendants were dead, but the queen was alive and well. I opened the cage up and let her go. The queen and hive are doing great now. So this queen had endured 2 weeks of out of work, hope she enjoyed her vacation cause its back to work for her!

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I have kept queens in the cage for two weeks by soaking a Q- tip in water and laying it on top of the cage daily. Jack
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