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How long can a queen be held by herself and still lay eggs?

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I have a queen that is still alive now going on 2 weeks. She is in a queen shipping box with 2 workers that are still alive. I am astounded that she has made it this long. She was the only surviving queen out of 3, 3 lb packages. Not enough surviving worker bees out of those packages and temperatures unfavorable to do any kind of split out of an existing hive at the time.

I got 3 replacement packages today. All look good and are installed. Wondering now at this time if she will lay eggs if I start a small nuc with her and some of the new bees? I thought I had read that if queens are held isolated for too long they will not lay eggs. Is that true? Thank you
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May take her a few days to get started egg laying but long as she was OK in the first place, she will be OK.

Queens can be held in banking cages sometime for months and will lay normally afterwards.

Queens in these situations can become very low in queen pheremones and therefore the bees can sometimes build queen cells. If that happens you can destroy them, the queen will normalize in a few weeks.

If there are still dead escort bees in the cage, just make sure you set the cage in such a way that the dead workers will not clog the hole and prevent her getting out once the candy is eaten.
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