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How long can a colony remain queenless b/f laying worker develops?

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So we are about 100% sure our 4 week old colony (from package) is new eggs, no tiny larva, all capped brood. We also found 3 supersedure cells which we promptly removed BEFORE we realized we were queenless (oops! we are newbies). We have ordered a queen and she should be here by Tuesday at the latest. However, our concern is with only capped brood and a few more days waiting (and the fact we screwed up the "emergency queens" they were obviously rearing) are we gong to end up with a laying worker? I am assuming they have been queenless for 8-10 days based on what we are seeing....will nearly 2 weeks all told of being queenless create a laying worker?
I know that moving brood has been suggested but we simply don't have another hive to do this with:-(
Many Thanks for your time!
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:eek:t:I am behind Fatch and your own bees......JEEz....LOL:lpf::lpf:

Please do answer the poll. I havent said this, but i am saying it now, I am printing this poll if the response gets better and sending it to the major package producers here. No, i didn't get a package from them, but if it is as bad as you all say, then i will surely help let them know. We all know there was a issue with weather, but if that was an issue, they should have held out longer, even if it meant delivering bees later...shame on them!

I have a hive that has developed laying workers after about a month queenless. I caused this problem as I kept making splits off of them, so bad on me. To those who say that a worker cannot get all the way into a fully deep cell with correct beespacing, you are ONLY fooling yourself and if you would like pictures to prove it, PM me. I am mpre than positive i have a laying worker and there are drones the fun of a shake-out of a deep and 3 meds of bees. Gonna suit up for this one:lookout:
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