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I built a solar wax melter that will hold about 3 deep frames at a shot. On a sunny day around 70, that box will get up to 200 degrees easily. Stuff your frames in there, let them warm up, and pull one out, and add another. In the time it takes you to scrape down a hot frame, the next one should be ready.

Save all those scrapings on a piece of fabric or burlap and put in your swarm traps on top of the frames. All the right scents for a good swarm trap.

I also put a piece of burlap in my solar wax melter to collect all the slum gum. It filters out the wax nicely, and makes a good matt of hive flavors for swarm traps. Works a treat.

A deep stock pot and a hot plate works well to boil the frames for a short bit. Everything ends up a bit wax coated, and you need to skim the water from time to time. It will surely warp plastic ware.

Phil in Fremont.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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