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How everyone's Honey Flow Looking like This Year.

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Looks Like the flow in South Louisiana will be WELL above average this year.
The colder winter we had made the clover and blackberry bloom all at the same time this year which made for a real intense spring flow.
I got about a 90lb average off the early spring flow and our main flow is just beginning with the Chinese Tallow. So it looks like I will get about 120 lb - 150 lb average which is the most honey in years. Usally I get about 90lb.

So, how is the flow in other parts of the country doing?
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I plan on extracting this Saturday. I'm in NW Ga and of my 5 production hives it looks like I will pull a full medium super from each.
I'm in PA (westmoreland county). I"ll be getting into the hives this weekend to see how it is going. this is only my 2nd year so i have no idea how to estimate what it will be like this year. I did a cutdown split on my two overwintered hives on May 11 and both hives are filling the two brood chambers with honey. I wanted to try comb honey this year so i put a shallow super above the brood chambers on the stronger hive. Last week, they had one frame practically full and capped and building comb throughout the super.I think we are just getting started here. Lots of blooms right now. I'm hoping to get a couple supers off both of these hives...but i have no idea what to expect.
Looking like it may be a much better year than last, if the weather pattern stays similar to what it has been the last month. All the rain last summer, and the very cold snowy winter has helped produce substantially more clover this year as I'm seeing it.
I am seeing the same thing here jmgi, my 6 production hives are made up of 3 deep brood chambers with 3 supers on top and I can't lift the back of the hives, it looks to be a good year for sure. This is much different than last year when I received 1 gallon of honey total from all 6 hive put together.

I can't give you a weight measurement Deepsouth but things are looking good.
So far it's been the best spring since I started in 2010. My hive is up over 140 pounds so far this year! The cold winter must have been good for flowers.
Here in south central pa its the best spring I've ever had. I have a new hive I started from a Package in april and i just added a 4th med super. This weekend I'll be harvesting some.
Real good in Ct with main flow just starting and I'm 3 high on some hives
California is in a crushing drought. Chaparral Honey is way down, and swarms are scarce. The out-of-state demand for the Almonds in 2015 is going to be massive, because in-state increase is a tough endeavor this year.
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