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How do I get all that mass of spur comb cleaned up and the super back in decent order

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On March 1st 2010 and captured the below hive. I was exhausted when it was over but very happy with the bee vac I had built and the shear number of Bees I sucked up. I put 5 frames of old comb and brood from the original hive into empty medium frames which went into a Super on top of a Deep that was very full of bees. There was also room for 4 frames with wax foundation

I spent a few days fooling around with Feeders, Syrup, and other stuff. I was afraid I was tormenting the bees to much. Eventually I put a pollen patty inside and left them alone until the 15th

March 15, 2010 I opened the hive for the first actual inspection. I was overwhelmed at the amount of life inside the hive. All 9 frames in the super were covered with bees. Every frame had new drawn comb in it. The pollen patty was almost gone except for a small sliver. When I tried to move the frames they were all stuck together with the new comb. I think they call that burr comb. And just the movement was destroying new brood and larva. I was afraid to slide out all the frames because of the damage it would have done. However I could get a peek down into the deep and there was considerable new comb being drawn down there as well. I was afraid to split the boxes for fear of losing the obviously active Queen. I'm a little bit overwhelmed here. How in the world am I ever going to get that super full of burr comb cleaned up and operational again.

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Like Mike said, you have to cut it and clean it up. If the hive tool is not long enough sneak a long knife out of the kitchen. Serrated knives work best. My schedule is different enough, my wife just thinks I am great for doing the dishes while she is working. The sooner you get it done the easier it will be.
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