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hot glue ????

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i was wanting to use hot glue to hold the paint stirers in the groves in my top bars. i got 2 months for it to off gass. i am going to cover it with bees wax but i want a good strong bond. maby wood glue would be better?
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melted wax will adhere it as well.

Big Bear
I just put the wood glue on the popsicle stick and stod it up in the grove. Leave them over night and that is it.
Did you do your presentation for the club?
We would need a million dollar scientific study to determine which glue is stronger. I have used hot glue in cardboard nuc boxes with no apparent problems. I have used hot glue, wood glue and gorilla glue with no apparent problems. Hot glue would be good if the stick was not tight in the groove.
i used hot glue on some foundationless frames this year to adhere the pop sticks. worked fine. once the bees draw the comb they attached it to the top bar anyway, the sticks are just a guide. good luck
thanks, hot glue dries faster. i am a man of little patience. the presentation couldent have gone any better.
The hot melt glue worked fine for assembling frame parts in my mini mating nucs, until they got cold and wet, then it all simply came apart.
I have not used thin strips of wood as a starter. You have to cut a grove for the popcicle stick, I just pour melted wax into the grove, done. The bees take to it just fine Of late I rip a 2X to 1", rip it again to 1", wiich is ripped again (twice) to a 40+ degree angle by 1/2" notch the ends, gives me a top bar with a built-in started and a 3/8" drop, used for shims.
As for glue; any carpenter glue works fine, water proof, better, fastset to speed up drying.
My 2 cents.
i just use beeswax, its free if you use it from other hives you have, and you know where it came from and no hidden chemicals!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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